Nothing upcoming, here are our past events:


Photo by: Alina Gregorian


DJ Rosalynn – Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to archive her set, but she helped kick off the night for us. Rosalynn has a great show on Newtown Radio every other Friday Night from 7-9pmEST called SHOO FEE MA FEE.


Forest Gilbakian – Forest usually DJ’s under DJ Snafu, but switched it up for the special occasion.

DJ rigidbody

We were able to raise $300 for FemLibrary Armenia!

Purely Circumstantial at Cafe Erzulie

Mimz The Magnificent and their band, Fib9
flyer by @babybowrich

1 Year Anniversary Party of PC on Newtown

Featured the following artists: Sheesh, Jessica, Molly, and Henry Fernau!

work by Henry Fernau and Molly

DJ’s: Kacy Wiggins, Ben Chang, and Sheesh!

The legendary Matt Shi staying hydrated
DJ Ben Chang!

Purely Circumstantial at Skate Brooklyn

Music: Good News, Food Corps, Cushions, Bud Nevada

Artists: Charlie Hoyt, Bookie, Newtorder

Good News

Purely Circumstantial at Flowers For All Occasions

Flyer by SweetZach


Human Host, 2uarm

Purely Circumstantial at The Platform

Owell / Diani Eshe / Rath / LJ Stevens

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