DJ Sets from Armenian Dance Night

Took me long enough, but I finally uploaded all of the sets that were recorded from Armenian Dance Night. I’ll share the sets below, additionally you can check out this page to read more about the event + other past events.

On a similar note, last weekend I participated in a variety show that commemorated the Armenian Genocide. It was incredible collaborating with the other artists, I definitely felt unworthy but was happy and proud of my work by the end of it. Check these links below to listen to the project I presented and to watch the variety show itself:

a fabric for the sun – a variety show <– live show archived here

One month later, back with a new episode

The wait is over! Was anybody waiting? Either way, Purely Circumstantial returned with music and mumbling. I was in Austin for my sister’s bachelorette party on 2/22, so I had to miss the show. It did feel good to be back. I felt good about the songs I picked. I felt especially good because I gave myself time to find and research the songs instead of throwing it all together last minute. There’s always more to be done, we’ll see how I stack up in 2 weeks.

Favorite song played on saturday has to be Additief by Dojoji. I talk about this on the show, but I wanted to give a shout out to the passionate and dedicated work being done by this blog Archaic Inventions. It’s where I found all the information I could about the song and band. I encourage you to browse around the site! It seems like they post the songs they talk about on their Youtube channel, which you can find by clicking the link to the Dojoji song.

I will make a separate post about the Armenian Dance Night. I’m waiting on some photos to be developed. However, I am proud to announce we were able to raise $300 to Femlibrary Armenia! Thanks to all who donated and all who came by. More information to follow.

Latest episode + thank you + next event

Hi all, I wanted to thank you for coming to the show at Cafe Erzulie last Tuesday. I really appreciate everyone who came. It was great seeing faces old and new. I was able to record Free Money and mango dreamgirl’s set before my batteries died in my zoom recorder. Sorry to unintentionally do the other musicians dirty. I will upload these sets to the blog and to mixcloud this week so look out for that. Speaking of mixcloud, here is our latest episode:

First hour is talking and music, second half is an interview with mango dreamgirl. I felt pretty good about how the interview went, and I got my dads seal of approval.

Our Next Event:

Last spring/summer I fell into this local group of Queer Armenians in NYC. After a couple of hangouts and messaging via Instagram, someone had suggested we host a DJ Night featuring Armenian music. A few months later, here we are. I’m really excited for this. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Really this night is to celebrate Armenian music along with shared cultures, and to bond over said music, and to dance! The after party will be at Post No Bills.