sets from our last show 1.21.20 at Cafe Erzulie

As mentioned before, here are the sets from our most recent live show. I’m extremely sorry to Mimz The Magnificent, who had an insanely great set, but due to my irresponsibility and lack of professionalism, only had dead batteries left in my recorder. I strongly encourage you to check out their music. They performed with a full band known as Fib9. It was an incredible, electric set. The people wanted more so they ended up improvising for the last few minutes of the night. Check out their soundcloud here and please stay up to date with their whereabouts if you like it! Please enjoy what I recorded below with a Zoom H4n recorder. I didn’t plug it into the mixer because I enjoy the atmosphere of the show. There are pros and cons to both, but I guess it ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you’ll be doing with the audio. The only editing I did through Audacity was trying to get the audio as loud as I could by normalizing the maximum amplitude to 0 decibels. I also cut out the applause and any technical mistakes.

Latest episode and a show next week!

Last weeks episode, 1/11, I split time between playing songs off my nook and on the turntables. I went into the show thinking about how I don’t want to talk as much. I’m not convinced it’s my strong suit in radio. Of course, when I saw my dad later that day, he asked me what happened with the show. He thought something was wrong because I didn’t talk as much. Figuring it out! What else is new.

On Tuesday, 1/21, Purely Circumstantial is hosting a show at Cafe Erzulie. Check below for the info:

You can rsvp here and listen to the acts here:

bill priss

mango dreamgirl

mimz the magnificent

free money